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100 % natural treats for dogs 

What makes the Treatees so special, are the carefully selected ingredients that go in them. Each recipe is conceived to give your dog a very premium, healthy dog snack.

The Treatees are produced in Germany and are made with 100 % natural ingredients.

What is on the label is what you get. We don’t use any grains, so they are gluten-free. We also refrain from adding any kind of chemical antioxidants, flavour enhancers, artificial colouring, or chemical scenting.
The Treatees are small in size, so they do not have to be cut into smaller pieces.
They are not only ideal for use in dog puzzles and search games, but also as a training reward, or simply as a treat.
Each package is resealable to keep the contents fresh for longer.

  • Produced in Germany using only carefully selected, finest 100 % natural ingredients 
  • Diced-meat recipe formulas (duck, game, lamb) contain 98 % fresh meat and herbs
  • Semi-moist meat recipe formulas (goat, horse) contain fresh meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and cold-pressed chia & hemp seed oils
  • Semi-moist vegetarian recipe (veggie) contains chia & hemp seeds, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and is suitable for vegan & vegetarian diets
  • Grain-free
  • No artificial additives, aromas or colours 
  • Naturally soft, easy to break into smaller pieces if required (semi-moist range)
  • Ideal for reward-based training, and for use in puzzle games & toys
  • Re-sealable packaging for longer freshness


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