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Luxury full-grain leather leash 

The Soft Leas’H is all about the leather:

  • We only use the best, full-grain German & Italian Nappa hides available, exclusively sourced from certified German suppliers
  • The hide is treated solely with soluble dyes, so that the unique surface characteristics remain visible and show the original animal’s skin structure
  • Only 5% of a complete animal’s hide can be used in this process, which makes the leather we use very exclusive
  • The trade-off is a unique feel to the touch, just like real skin – light and flexible

Product highlights:

  • Double-sided hand-stitched leather, smooth and strong
  • Trademark “Knoppy”, made of solid, machine-polished stainless steel, with engraved MAELSON logo
  • Infinitely adjustable length
  • Built-in “invisible” protection, prevents leather from stretching over time
  • Stainless steel D-ring
  • Each Soft Leas’H is hand-crafted in Southern Germany
machine-polished, stainless steel “Knoppy”
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