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Stylish, ecologically friendly food/water bowl,
100% biodegradable 

  • The bowl is made from a blend of sustainable, natural plant fibres – a mixture of bamboo and corn starch, which are moulded into form under a process of high pressure and heat
  • Completely biodegradable once exposed to a composting environment 
  • Anti-skid, moulded natural rubber feet keep the bowl from moving and/or spilling when nudged whilst your pet feeds or drinks
  • Finger cut outs on either side of the bowl make it easy to pick up and move the bowl, reducing spills
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces make the bowl easy to clean
Recommendation notes

Being an ecological product, we have chosen to avoid using any form of plastic based binding resins. This means that the bowl is not indestructible – if you do drop it onto a hard surface, it might get damaged.

We only use eco-based colouring dyes, which withstand a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C, so please do wash the bowl out by hand. We do not recommend you place it in a dishwasher.




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