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Bamboo cat litter 

Bamboolyte is an environmentally-friendly cat litter made from pellets of natural bamboo.

Why bamboo? Well, we chose bamboo because of its sustainability. Bamboo plants are amongst the fastest growing plants in the world, growing at a rate of between 3 and 10 cm (1 and 4 in) per day in temperate conditions. This makes them an ideal renewable source. And unlike other natural raw materials used for cat litter, the importance of bamboo in the food chain is not as significant, meaning we are not tapping into any main food-chain supplies.

The other reason why we chose bamboo, is because of its fibres’ natural properties in absorbing liquids, which make Bamboolyte more economical to use than conventional clay-based litters, as less volume is required to achieve the same results.

And to make sure not only the litter itself, but also the complete packaging is environmentally-friendly, we have packed the bamboo pellets in a compostable package made of carton, and an inner biodegradable fresh-seal liner, to keep moisture out before you begin using Bamboolyte. So once you have used the Bamboolyte up, you can compost both the carton and the inner liner, and keep your garbage bin emptier.

  • Ecologically-friendly, clumping cat litter 
  • Made from sustainable, natural bamboo plant fibres
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Soluble in water and flushable down the water closet
  • Absorbs moisture and odours naturally 
  • Lightweight pellets are easy to scoop, and produce less waste weight
  • Over 99% dust-free pellets reduce tracking
  • Bamboo’s natural properties prevent sticking to the base of litter pan
  • Free from chemical additives and fragrances
  • Safe for cats and kittens, even if licked or ingested unintentionally
  • Also suitable for allergic cats
  • Bamboo pellets are soft on cats’ sensitive paws


Recommendation notes

Instructions for use:
Fill your litter pan with a minimum depth of 5 cm (2 in) of Bamboolyte. If mixing bamboo with clay litter during a change over, please do not flush product until using 100% bamboo litter. Scoop and remove waste daily. Multiple cat households require more frequent cleaning. Ensure original depth of 5 cm (2 in) is maintained each day. If necessary, add more litter to reach the recommended depth. Once litter is saturated, empty litter pan, wash, dry and refill with fresh litter.

Always wash hands thoroughly after each scooping. Pregnant women should avoid any litter maintenance.

Bamboolyte is completely biodegradable and can be disposed of either in the organic waste bin or compost, or you may flush single clumps down the water closet.
Organic waster bin/compost: please use a closed biodegradable container or bag.
Water closet: clumps older than 24 hours should be left to soak prior to flushing. Do not overload the water closet with clumps before flushing, and do make sure plenty of water is used.
Septic tank: depending on the kind of septic tank in use, we recommend disposing of Bamboolyte in small quantities only if your tank is kitted with a filtering system. Please consult your septic tank provider.
Certain cats may require training into new litters. In this case, gradually replace current litter with Bamboolyte until the transition is complete. Please do not flush until using 100% Bamboolyte.


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